Informasjon om helse artikkel 60 % kommer fra Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong

Dr. Rosukhon Poompanvong praktiserer alternativ medisin, inkludert akupunktur, urtemedisin og selvhjelpsmedisin. Hun underviser også i Dhamma.

  • Humanitarian Protection Award i 1980
  • Organic Farmers' Association Award i 2003
  • The Fervent Love of Life Award fra Taiwan i 2008 for å respektere naturen og fremme økologisk landbruk
  • Respect for Humanity International Award i 2008 Dr. Rosukhon Poompanvong har et velværesenter i Rayong hvor hun hjelper folk med å oppleve sinn og kropps velvære, og underviser i Dhamma.




When New Year festival knocks our door, we Thai people couldn't stay still not to celebrate with feast. Normally, Thai people celebrate every festival anyway. Either Songkran, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Loy Krathong, Valentines, or Harvest Moon Day. The only festival that the Thais don't celebrate is Fasting Festival (Ramadan) of Muslim because...

Come on! Come to swing arms to reduce belly together. It is not only like that, but the disease treatment through arm swinging alone makes us wonder how it will provide such fantastic results! Obviously, the Department of Thai Health Promotion Foundation has often come out with this issue campaign. Would you like to know if the arm swinging can...



Air "The Disaster of Thai Traditional Medicine" Air in our bodies cannot be seen with scientific instruments such as X- ray or endoscopy. Air is caused by food we intake each meal. Also, digestive process causes air. If digested, air is less. On the other hand, if indigested, the lump of air is compressed in the digestive system resulting in...

"Whatever you eat and drink, it will affect you" is the best quote explaining natural therapy health care. Currently, the most causes of illnesses are neglecting or misunderstanding this quote. The belief in going to see a doctor and carrying a bag of drugs back home when you are sick is alright. However, it's not the best solution because doctors...

With high anti-oxidants which reduce aging and wrinkles effectively. To regenerate body cells and balancing. Increase the body's immunity, strengthen and refreshing the body. As an effective and safety dietary. Fat burn and boost your energy. Prevent and reduce any cancer diseases. It is the herb with cool properties, abundantly for cancer...

Warm lemonade not only helps quench thirst better than other kinds of drink, but it is also rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs. In addition, drinking hot water with lemon is to stimulate rejuvenation.